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Let Us All Eat Cake

Let Us All Eat CakeCakes can be tricky to make even at the best of times, and when you want to make a cake that is also gluten free, it can sometimes seem like an impossible task. Fortunately, it will only seem that way. Gluten free baking can be more difficult than “regular” baking – especially when it comes to recipes as complicated as cakes – but with a good book to guide you, it is certainly more than possible! Let Us All Eat Cake: Gluten-Free Recipes for Everyone’s Favorite Cakes is a cookbook dedicated to gluten free cakes of all shapes and sizes, from multi-layer cakes that are perfect for large celebrations to coffee cakes that are idea for quiet weekend mornings, and it is an excellent place to start when it comes to getting a kick-start into the world of gluten free cakes.

The book covers just about every type of cake than you can think of – and most of the recipes will sound familiar to you right off the batt. For instance, Texas Sheet Cake and Pineapple Upside Down Cake are both included right in the first chapter! The first chapter is where yu’ll find the breakfast, snack and coffee cakes. The subsequent chapters cover layer cakes, cupcakes, little cakes – like jelly rolls – and special occasion cakes. The final chapters cover frostings, fillings and decorating techniques. The recipes are all based around a gluten free flour blend that is versatile enough to work with all the recipes in the book, since it is designed to be cake-friendly, and gives the cakes a great texture. The recipes are very easy to follow along with, with detailed instructions that will walk you through every step of each recipe.

There are plenty of baking tips scattered throughout the book that will guide you through the recipes and help to ensure that they turn out picture-perfect. There are also plenty of wonderful photos to get you inspired, if the names of the cakes themselves aren’t enough to get your mouth watering. If gluten free isn’t your only goal or dietary restriction, it is worth noting that this book also includes vegan, dairy-free, and nut-free variations that will ensure that there is something for everyone. Since the book covers such a wide range of cakes, this is likely to become a staple in your kitchen if you bake gluten free on a regular basis.

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