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Vibrant Veggies in the Swatch Mediterranean Dolce Vita Collection

Swatch Mediterranean Dolce Vita Collection

As a food lover, fresh produce always catches my eye when I’m at the market, whether I am walking the produce aisle at a grocery store or strolling past stalls at my local farmers market. Colorful photos and other depictions of produce – such as images you might see shared on Pinterest or on Instagram – also tend to catch my eye when I see them, so I was immediately drawn to the summer Swatch Mediterranean Dolce Vita Collection when I first saw them. These watches are for foodies and are inspired by beloved Italian favorites, like plump tomatoes, layered red onions, sweet oranges and savory sardines. Each one features a vibrantly colored design showcasing the featured ingredient. An orange wheel makes up the face of a matte white Vitamine Boost watch, while tiny cherry tomatoes wallpaper both the dial and strap of the Tomatella watch. The Onione watch is so cleverly designed that you almost miss the onion, while the Sardina watch’s fish bone strap will appeal even to those who aren’t sardine fans in the first place.

The collection is likely to make you just as hungry as the Pastry Chef Collection of watches that caught my eye last year around this time. On the last collection, I added a french macaron watch to my growing collection. Which one should I add in this time around? I’m leaning towards the Tomatella at the moment. Which would you choose?

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