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Wilton Round Ice Cream Sandwich Pan

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Wilton's Ice cream Sandwich Pan

I don’t know about you, but I love a good ice cream sandwich. I regularly use homemade cookies – from oatmeal raisin to double chocolate – to make ice cream sandwiches at home during the summer. I frequently make them ahead of time and pack my freezer full, so that they will be on hand when I am in the mood for a frozen treat. Though I won’t be too picky when it comes to crunch time, not every cookie makes a good ice cream sandwich. Some cookies are too hard when they are frozen, or don’t form the right shape during baking.

Wilton’s Round Ice Cream Sandwich Pan is all about ice cream sandwich perfection. The pan makes a dozen perfect rounds, just the right size for creating an ice cream sandwich. The nonstick cavities have a small waffle print on them, which gives the cookies a unique look – and helps them grip the ice cream, if you prefer to position them waffle-side-down when constructing your sandwiches. You can also use the pan for perfectly-sized whoopie pies when ice cream sandwiches are out of season.

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