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Chef’n Pastrio

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Chef'n Pastrio

I have more than a few dough scrapers in my kitchen, and you probably should, too. I have a metal scraper that is good for getting every bit of pastry off of a hard surface, like a quartz countertop, and several plastic ones that are a better choice when I’m kneading dough on a silpat or even chopping up a head of lettuce for a salad. I tend to keep my bench scrapers in the same drawer as my other utensils, though they don’t always fit in with the whisks as well as I would like. The Chef’n Pastrio consists of three different types of scrapers – two bench scrapers, one metal and one plastic, and one curved bowl scraper – that nest together for easy storage. As someone who has had bench scrapers slip behind drawers before, having them all stack together neatly is a big plus when it comes to kitchen organization. The tools can be hand washed or popped in the dishwasher after use, before the trio is reassembled for storage.

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