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Bites from other Blogs

  • Chocolate chip cookies are always delicious, but that is no reason not to experiment a bit with additional flavors the next time you bake a batch. Cooking and Beer‘s Fig and Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwiches pack a lot of flavor into every bite. The cookies are studded with chopped, dried figs – in addition to chocolate chips – which give them a unique sweetness. These cookies are sandwiched together with vanilla bean buttercream, but I suspect that a scoop of ice cream would be an excellent alternative on a hot day!
  • Tres leches cakes are made with three different types of milk and Spicy Southern Kitchen did not break from that tradition in a Coffee Tres Leches. The cake stars with a coffee and chocolate sponge cake batter, which is then soaked in a traditional mixture of heavy cream, evaporated milk and sweetened condensed milk. The cake is meant to be served cold and needs to be made ahead, so it is excellent for summertime entertaining. Top it with whipped cream before serving – and feel free to spike that whipped cream with a bit of coffee liqueur for some extra coffee flavor.
  • One snack food I’ve always enjoyed is peanut butter stuffed sandwich crackers. They’re a delicious, salty snack that reminds me of childhood. If you are also a fan of these little crackers, I have a feeling that you’ll enjoy Lovely Little Kitchen‘s Peanut Butter Buckeye Cookies. These aren’t cookies at all, but are delicious nevertheless. They start with salty, buttery round crackers that are sandwiched with a sweetened peanut butter mixture. The sandwiches are dipped in chocolate – and I recommend using tempered chocolate, whether you prefer milk or dark – and serve. They’re easy and addictive, with a combination of sweet, salty, crispy, creamy, chocolate and peanut butter in each bite.
  • Granola is a delicious breakfast or snack option that is usually loaded with ingredients like whole grains, nuts, dried fruits and seeds. Show Me The Yummy‘s Double Chocolate Chip Granola still has those classic granola components, but it also has a generous dose of chocolate. The granola starts with oats and mixed nuts, which include almonds, pecans and pistachios. It is coated with a lightly sweetened cocoa mixture and baked until crispy, then tossed with chocolate chips for some extra indulgence. This is one granola that you might want to eat for dessert, not breakfast.
  • I always enjoy a good blondie and Bake at 350‘s Chocolate Almond Blondies are just one of many great blondie options out there. The buttery bars are flavored with almond extract and packed with plenty of chocolate chips and slivered almonds. They’re incredibly easy to make with a very short ingredient list, which means that you can be ready to pop a batch into the oven in just a couple of minutes. These easy bar cookies are great for weekday baking, but are delicious enough for any occasion when you need a tasty dessert to serve.

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