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Chopula Smart Spatula

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Chopula Smart Spatula

There are two main types of spatulas out there. There are the flexible, usually silicone, spatulas that are good for stirring and scraping. There are also flat spatulas made for flipping. The latter type of spatula is an underappreciated kitchen implement because it doesn’t seem to have as many uses as its more flexible counter part. What can you use your flat spatula for? Scooping food out of a frying pan? Taking cookies off of a cookie sheet? Flipping pancakes? Most of these spatulas are used to slide under food and transfer it from one spot to another. They’re useful, but they’re not typically a multitasking tool that you rely on in the kitchen and this is largely because the design of the spatula hasn’t changed all that much over the years. The Chopula Smart Spatula was designed with an eye towards improving the spatula and turning it into a more functional kitchen tool.

The Red Dot award-winning Chopula may look light an ordinary spatula at first glance, but it has an unusual curved head that allows you to scrape along the sides of curved pans easily, much like a silicone spatula can do. It also has one flat side on the head, which allows you to break things up easily or coarsely chop things as you cook. A bend in the handle keeps the head off of your countertop, and it also allows the spatula to securely rest over the lip of a pan or pot. And, of course, the head is very thin and easily able to slip under anything that you might need to move, turn or flip over. It might not start a spatula revolution, but it definitely will get a lot more use in the kitchen than its predecessors.

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