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Jet Puffed Candy Corn Marshmallows, reviewed

Jet Puffed Candy Corn Marshmallows, reviewed
Candy corn is a seasonal staple in the fall and, whether you like the triangular fondant candies or not, there is no doubt that you will recognize them instantly when you see them. Their signature orange and yellow colors are striking and many people – from large brands to individuals, like me – use them as inspiration to create other seasonal sweets. For instance, my Candy Corn Cupcakes are inspired by actual candy corn, and so are these seasonal Jet Puffed Candy Corn Marshmallows.

The fluffy, bite-sized marshmallows contain no actual candy corn, but the triangular shape and yellow-orange color palate of the marshmallows capture their spirit. I kept my expectations low when I opened the bag – and was surprised to find that these are actually very delicious! They smell like lightly toasted marshmallows and have a hint of toasted marshmallow flavor. The two flavors that are used in candy corn are honey and vanilla, and you pick up both of those flavors in these marshmallows, as well, though the toasted marshmallow flavor is the primary flavor. That is a good thing, in my book, because it keeps these from seeming too sweet and the flavor from seeming too artificial. Even people who don’t like candy corn will like these. The bag says they’re great for snacking and I found that to be true. I certainly ate my way through a big handful of them without even noticing!

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