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The Hello Kitty Baking Book

Hello Kitty Baking BookHello Kitty is a global phenomenon that is synonymous with cuteness. The Sanrio character appeals to kids of all ages – and to many adults, as well! – and her likeness is instantly identifiable. The Hello Kitty Baking Book turns that cuteness into something edible, with recipes for dozens of Hello Kitty-inspired baked goods that you can make in your own kitchen to celebrate a family member’s (or your own) love of all things Hello Kitty.

The book begins with a brief introduction to the inspiration behind it and to basic baking tools that you will need before jumping into the recipes. The recipes cover a wide range of goodies, from classic iced sugar cookies to ice cream cakes to apple pie. Most of the recipes feature detailed Hello Kitty decorations, as well as tips for turning the goodies into other Sanrio characters. Fortunately, Hello Kitty’s design is fairly straightforward and the decorating instructions are very detailed – there are even templates included to ensure that you get the shapes right – so you should be able to replicate the book’s designs without much difficulty. The back of the book also features a section about different decorating techniques that will give you a working knowledge of all the piping techniques used in the recipes.

All the recipes are illustrated with full color photos that are cute enough to put a smile on your face even before you start baking. You can start off with a simple project and create some heart-topped mini cupcakes that Hello Kitty would definitely approve of, then work your way up to the Hello Kitty French Macarons. All of the recipes are clearly written and feature homemade ingredients – including homemade ice cream in the ice cream cakes – that will taste delicious even if your decorating skills take a few batches of cookie dough to perfect.

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