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Sweet Things: Chocolates, Candies, Caramels & Marshmallows – To Make & Give

Sweet Things: Chocolates, Candies, Caramels & Marshmallows - To Make & GiveHomemade candies and chocolates are some of the most satisfying things to make in your kitchen. This is not only because they are delicious, but because they are much less commonly made at home than cookies or cakes. In Sweet Things: Chocolates, Candies, Caramels & Marshmallows – To Make & Give, you’ll find dozens of recipes for decadently sweet treats that you can make at home.

The recies are divided into chapter by candy type – chocolate, marshmallows, etc. – and it is easy to pick a place to start based on your favorite type of treat. The recipes are very detailed and easy to follow along with, which is great for those who might not have a lot of experience making candies or chocolates. There is also a great diversity of flavors and techniques in the recipes, so you won’t see variations on a single theme repeated over and over, which menas that you’ll not only expand your own skills, but you’ll really make a wide variety of goodies as you work your way through the book. There are plenty of pictures to inspire you as you choose which recipe to try, though the names alone are enough to get my mouth watering.

You can easily make these treats for yourself, but the book is written with an eye towards gifting. That means that there is a chapter towards the end of the book that talks all about packaging your treats. When you put this much time into making something, you want to ensure that the packaging reflects the product, rather than piling your truffles into a tupperware container. No matter which recipe you start with, you’re guaranteed to get plenty of oohs-and-aahs both before and after people taste your treats.

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