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Cake Boss Mini Cakes Cake Carrier, reviewed

Cake Boss Mini Cakes Cake Carrier
Most of my cake carriers were chosen for function over form. It’s not that I don’t want a cake carrier that looks good – or that I think there is anything visually wrong with the cake carriers in my collection – but a semi-transparent plastic carrier isn’t the most elegant way to present the baked goods that you worked so hard to make, even if it does keep them fresh. The Cake Boss Mini Cakes Cake Carrier caught my eye exactly because it is a lot more visually appealing than your average cake carrier. The cream-colored metal carrier is decorated with colorful mini cakes that make the container pop. Fortunately, this carrier puts function right up there with form, because it works very well in addition to looking good.

The first thing that you’ll notice about the carrier when you pick it up is the weight. It is made of tin-plated steel and it is quite heavy. This heft means that you’re going to take extra care when carrying it, and it also means that its not going to slide around in your car when traveling. The lid fits securely into a groove on the bottom tray and locks into place with two metal clasps on either side, which hold it in place and keep your goodies fresh. It’s a simple design and it works very well. The container is large enough to hold a generously frosted 9-inch layer cake without any problems, and can easily fit a large pile of muffins or cookies if you don’t want to limit yourself to cakes. I like the way it looks enough to want to keep the container on display – whether it is filled up with treats or not!

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