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Bananice Pop Molds

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Bananice Ice Pop Molds
One of the things that makes popsicles so much fun is that they can come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes. Homemade pops give you even more options than storebought popsicles, since you’re not limited to wooden pop sticks as handles and can use molds that are a little bit more elaborate and a lot more fun. One example of a pop mold that serves up a little extra fun is the Bananice Pop Mold from Fred. The ice pop molds have silicone handles that are shaped like banana peels. Not only are they easy – and just plain funny – to hang on to, the peel acts as a drip catcher as your popsicle melts. The molds themselves are shaped like unpeeled bananas and sit upside down in a small plastic foot that allows them to stand up on their own while you are filling the molds and while the pops are setting up in your freezer. To release, just dip the mold in hot water and pull the peel up, releasing the frozen pop. These molds are sold in sets of two, so they’re not idea for a large group unless you plan to buy a few sets – and it is worth it if you’re going with a bunch of banana popsicles at a party – but they’re definitely going to bring out a few smiles even if you are only using one or two at a time.

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