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Bourbon-Spiked Treats to Celebrate the Kentucky Derby

Mint Julep Sorbet

Mint Juleps are the official drink of the Kentucky Derby, made with bourbon, sugar and mint and served over ice. They’re very refreshing and even tastier than their short ingredient list would suggest. If I’m planning to watch the Derby with friends, I always make sure that I have the ingredients on hand to make some, and I often end up making a bourbon-spiked treat to serve, as well. Bourbon is a very flavorful spirit to work with when it comes to baked goods and desserts – and it can be a lot of fun to make some more adult-oriented treats every now and again, too.

Mint Julep Sorbet is a dessert that is even more refreshing than the classic Mint Julep cocktail that inspired it. The sorbet is light and flavorful, made with just the right amount of cream to give it a little bit of richness without making it any less refreshing.

Mint Julep Pie is another recipe that captures the flavors of the Derby’s official drink. It’s a buttermilk custard pie that is spiked with bourbon and has just the right hint of mint. It’s a light dessert and perfect for any springtime entertaining.

Bourbon Brownies with Sea Salt

Bourbon Brownies with Sea Salt pack a lot of chocolate, as well as a good dose of bourbon. In this fudgy brownie recipe, bourbon lends a slightly smoky quality to the chocolate that makes these brownies unique and addictive.  They’re topped with a sprinkle of salt that helps highlight the bourbon.

Apple Bourbon Bread Pudding is a dessert that is good any time there is a slight chill in the air – whether it is a spring evening or a fall afternoon. It’s warm, comfort food that has a dose of bourbon in the custardy bread pudding mixture and another splash in the caramel sauce topping.

Mint Julep Iced Tea | Brewed Daily

Mint Julep Iced Tea, which I shared over at Brewed Daily, is a drink that is easy to make for a crowd and is a little bit less strong than a traditional Mint Julep. It still starts with muddled mint, sugar and bourbon, but that mixture is topped off with plenty of sweetened black tea and lots of ice for a delicious drink that is easy to sip all afternooon

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