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Nordic Ware Pinata Cake Pan

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Nordic Ware Pinata Cake Pan

A pinata cake is a cake that has a surprise inside, just like the pinatas that you might find hanging up at a kids birthday party. The cakes are constructed to have a hollow space in the center and that space is filled with sprinkles, candies or chocolates, which come spilling out when the cake is sliced. It’s a fantastic effect to show off at a gathering when you go to slice the cake, and people of all ages will love it. The most difficult part of making the cake is getting that interior cavity just right. It can be hard to cut out space while maintaining the structural integrity of the cake.

The Nordic Ware Pinata Cake Pan will help you to achieve the look of a pinata cake a lot more easily. The pan allows you to bake a rounded cake with a hollow center, and when two cakes are stacked, you get a roomy space to fill up with your choice of goodies. The aluminum pan has a flat base that allows it to sit evenly in the oven. The pan has a little bit of texture on the outside, which gives the cake an eye-catching look even if it isn’t covered with brightly colored frosting, but with a cake like this, you will probably want to go all out and make sure you put as much wow factor into it as possible.

Nordic Ware Pinata Cake Pan

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  • Karen Kryger-Cohea
    May 31, 2014


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