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Bites from other BlogsEaster is just around the corner and that means that it is time to start gathering recipes that will make great additions to an Easter brunch or a post Easter egg hunt snack. Easter treats are colorful, flavorful and fun – and these recipes are no exception.

  • This Easter Egg Cheesecake from Zoe Bakes is an elegant dessert for an Easter celebration. The rich, custardy cheesecake is made with several different colors of batter, which are swirled together before baking to create a dessert that has a big “wow” factor when it is sliced and served. The cake is topped with buttercream roses – an unusual touch for a cheesecake – that give it a floral element that is perfect for spring.
  • Nadel & Gabel offers up another cheesecake recipe that is great for Easter festivities, a Carrot Cake Cheesecake. This cheesecake is really two cakes in one: a spicy carrot cake and an orange-spiked cheesecake. Cheesecake works very well with the carrot cake, especially since carrot cakes are so often paired with cream cheese frosting. The two cake batters are swirled together, which ensures that you will get a taste of both elements every time you stick your fork in to take a bite.
  • An even easier cheesecake comes in the form of Sift and Whisk‘s No Bake Malted Cheesecake Jars. These desserts are made by layering the colorful Easter versions of malted milk balls with layers of cheesecake mousse. The tangy cheesecake goes well with the malted milk flavor of the candies, and the candies add just the right amount of texture to the mousse. These can be prepared in advance and, since they’re assembled in individual serving jars, they’re easy to bring to a party of put out for a crowd.
  • Babka is one of my favorite breads. It can be a bit time consuming to make compared to some recipes, though it just takes a little patience to prepare the yeast dough, but it is worth every minute when you get to take that first bite. Girl Versus Dough baked up a Nutella Babka that uses an entire jar of Nutella in the filling. The swirling yeast bread is also topped with a buttery brown sugar and hazelnut streusel that ties in very well with the rich filling and adds a sweet, crunchy element to the bread. Bakba is fantastic when served for brunch, but you might want to make two loaves because, although it is rich, this is one dish that will go quickly when it is served.
  • Love and Olive Oil‘s White Chocolate Funfetti Blondies are a brightly colored treat that is perfect for this holiday, though I’m sure they would be hard to turn down any day of the year. The fudgy blondies are made with white chocolate and are loaded with a rainbow of sprinkles that make the finished blondies look like they’re ready for a celebration. Be sure to use high quality white chocolate in this recipe to ensure that you get the best results and best flavor in the finished product.

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