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  • Blondies, like brownies, are a basic bar cookie that is easy to put great variations on. If you’re a fan of malted milk ball candies, you should definitely put Baking Junkie‘s Whopper Blondies on your list of treats to try. These buttery blondies incorporate quite a few chopped up Whopper candies, and include some malted milk powder in the dough to really emphasize the malt flavor.
  • It is fun to make your own Girl Scout Cookies, but it is difficult to refrain from buying at least one box from a neighbor’s daughter or other cute little Girl Scout during cookie season. If you happen to have a box of Thin Mints lying around, a batch of Thin Mint Truffles will put them to good use. Confessions of a Cookbook Queen crushed the chocolate mint cookies up with some cream cheese and dipped them in chocolate to make these simple – yet addictive, chocolate cookie truffles.
  • Gluten Free Confessions baked up some easy, gluten free Peanut Butter Chocolate Bars, looking for a gluten free version of a favorite bar cookie recipe. These cookies are easy to make, with a graham cracker-like crust that is topped with rich layer of chocolate and peanut butter. The effect is candy-like and rich, despite the simple recipe list. Add some chopped, salted peanuts to the top to emphasize the peanut flavor in these!
  • What About Second Breakfast? is another fan of chocolate malted candies and baked up some Malted Chocolate Cupcakes in a nod to these classic candies. The rich cupcakes pack a powerful cocoa punch, and have a very generous amount of malted milk powder incorporated into the batter to create that chocolate malt effect. The malt flavor comes out even more strongly in the chocolate malted frosting. Garnish them with little straws (and more malt balls) to evoke soda fountain chocolate malted drinks.
  • Sprinkled with Flour‘s Banana Split Cake Cups don’t include any cake, but that doesn’t make them any less impressive or any less delicious. The cake cups are layer desserts that have all the flavors of a banana split in single-serving portions. You get all the elements you’d find in a sundae except the ice cream, which is replaced with a mixture of butter, sugar and cream cheese that is more like a frosting, but is an excellent way to bind all of the ingredients together when you dip a spoon in to take a bite.

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