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Chef’n Sift’n Sieve

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Chef'n Sift n' Sieve

There are always things that need sifting or straining in the kitchen. Cocoa powder and confectioners’ sugar usually need to be sifted to get any small lumps out before mixing them into a batter. Flour  also sometimes should be sifted before use. When it comes to straining, fruit juices and purees often need to be strained to remove seeds and unwanted pulp before use. You can get by with having one sifter in your house for most purposes, but it can be hard to make everything fit into one standard size sifter. Most standard sifters have a round basket that neatly holds dry ingredients, but can be difficult to strain purees through – especially if you need to try to press them through the mesh basket to ensure you get a smooth puree.

Chef’n designed their Sift’n Sieve to make this standard kitchen tool a little easier to work with. The sieve is a large, plastic ring with a sturdy mesh that covers the bottom. The ring itself is 10 inches in diameter and has large handles that make it easy to hold and can also hook over the edge of a large bowl for hands-free use. The mesh is fine and strong, so it can easily get the lumps out of cocoa powder and can hold up to the pressure of pressing a puree through it. The gadget even comes with a scraping tool that clips into the handle and is always handy when you need it. This tool is top rack dishwasher safe, though you might want to hand wash it just to ensure that no little seeds get stuck in the mesh during use.


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  • judy marsh
    November 1, 2014

    Loved the response to my question about lemon juice and apples and then started looking at gadgets and couldn’t find a place to buy…are they available thru your website?

  • Nicole
    November 7, 2014

    Judy – All the gadgets include a link in the post to a place where you can buy them. In some cases it is directly through the manufacturer. In others, it is via a store like Amazon or Williams Sonoma.

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