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Macaron Fetish

Macaron FetishMacarons are a delicacy, one of those treats that – unlike cupcakes – you can’t find just everywhere. When you find a good one, the combination of crisp exterior, chewy interior and flavorful filling is just about heaven. It can be hard to find a bakery that carries good macarons, so macaron-lovers often try their hand at making them at home. It can be a labor of love, since the simple cookies take a little practice to get just right, but even the macarons that aren’t perfect still taste fantastic. Macaron Fetish is a book for macaron-lovers who want to take their macaron skills to the next level.

The book caters to macaron bakers of all experience levels. The first recipes are basic and make a great starting place for those who have limited experience with baking macarons. After the first chapter, the recipe start to include more complex flavor combinations, as well as unusually colored and shaped macarons. The basics are all covered in the introduction of the book, and it sets you up for success as you work your way through the rest of the book. That said, macaron-making is a skill that take practice, so don’t worry if not every one of your attempts comes out looking exactly like the gorgeous photos featured in the book!.

The recipes themselves are easy to follow and clearly written. The technique for making the shells, except for those that feature unusual colors, is the same every time, but the recipes for the fillings can vary from buttercream to ganache to fresh fruit. You can feel free to experiment with your own flavor combinations as you hone your technique. The last chapter of the book includes savory macarons, a very unusual but very interesting addition to the rest of the recipes and something that shows just how versatile these little almond cookies can actually be!

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  • Kim Chodkowski
    April 7, 2017

    Just came across your site and just wanna say thanks for the review you did on my book, I am happy that you enjoyed the book and the recipe 🙂

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