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iPad Stand Cutting Board

iPad Cutting Board
It’s very handy to have an ipad around in the kitchen because it means that you can easily reference your favorite food blogs and use e-cookbooks, like The Baking Bites Cookbook. The most difficult thing about bringing a tablet into the kitchen is trying to decide where to put it to keep it handy, while not getting exposing it to too much kitchen mess. This iPad Cutting Board is just one option for keeping your tablet right in front of you whole you’re cooking, where it will be the most helpful. The sturdy wood fiber cuttingboard has an iPad stand built into it. The stand is halfway down one of the long sides of the board and will prop up your iPad at just the right angle, so you can easily read and scroll while you are chopping.

The board also has a deep groove running around the outside of the cutting area to catch any liquid that runs off while you’re working, preventing it from reaching the iPad and keeping it – and the countertop – dry. The board measures 13.5 x 18-in and has four rubberized antislip feet, which make it secure to work on.

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