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Announcing The Baking Bites Cookbook Kindle Edition!

Baking Bites Kindle Cover
A few years ago, I released The Baking Bites Cookbook. It was (and still is) a beautiful paperback cookbook that featured more than 50 recipes and tempting full-page, color photos of every baked good inside. I have gotten many requests to update the book and make it available in a digital format, and I just recently put the finishing touches on The Baking Bites Cookbook – Kindle Edition! This new edition of the book includes several revisions and is updated with a few new recipes, like one for a Mexican Dark Chocolate Truffle Tart, that were not included in the first edition.

The e-book can be found on Amazon and read on any Kindle or other tablet running a Kindle app. It is not currently available in other digital formats. So if you are an e-book reader, head over and download The Baking Bites Cookbook E-Book today for just $6.99!

If you’re like me and still have a soft spot for “old fashioned” books, you will be glad to know that beautiful paperback copies of the first edition of the cookbook are still available! These copies don’t have the new additional recipes that are in the Kindle edition, but they make fantastic gifts and I will sign each and every copy that goes out to give it that personal touch. The list price for the paperback book is $19.95, but if you order it directly from me, it’s only $16.95, including free US priority shipping. Signed paperback copies of the first edition can be found on my sale page.

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  • Linda
    December 6, 2013

    That is awesome. I will admit I’m more likely to buy the digital version these days. Storage and use is so much easier. I will have to get one of those. Thanks!!

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