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5 Pies You Should Bake for Thanksgiving

Bite Size Salted Caramel Pecan Pies, interior

I always have a pumpkin pie at my Thanksgiving dinner because it’s something of a tradition for my family. We’ve always had a pumpkin pie – and this works out well for me, since I am a big pumpkin pie fan. But not everyone likes pumpkin pie as much as I do, so I always have at least one other dessert to serve at Thanksgiving to make sure there is something for everyone on the dessert table.

Bruleed Pumpkin Pie is a variation on my Perfect Pumpkin Pie that has a little something extra, a creme breulee-like topping of burnt caramel that adds texture and and an extra layer of flavor to a Thanksgiving staple. This pie is also a good excuse to pull out (or buy) a small kitchen torch to play with!

Bite Size Salted Caramel Pecan Pies are an alternative to traditionally heavy pecan pies. They’re still packed with nuts, but these two-bite pies are perfect size after a big meal. They’re filled with a salted caramel filling that gives them a great salty-sweet element.

Plum and Blackberry Pie

Plum and Blackberry Crumble Pie is a pie that uses rich fruits that you wouldn’t expect to see at the Thanksgiving table alongside pumpkin and apple. The filling is made with sweet plums and juicy blackberries – both of which are still in stores, but are definitely coming to the end of the line before winter sets in. You can also use frozen blackberries in this pie in a pinch.

Cannoli Pie is a fun twist on an Italian favorite, but one that it is much easier to put together than the traditional pastry. The pie has a cheesecake-like ricotta filling that is kissed with a little citrus and cinnamon, and then topped with a few chocolate chips. It’s surprisingly light and always a crowd pleaser.

Cannoli Pie

Classic Chocolate Cream Pie is another dessert that is good for a crowd. It can be made well in advance and is sure to please chocoholics – and there are always some people who would prefer to see a chocolate dessert on the table than a pumpkin one!

Don’t forget to check out my Tips for Troubleshooting Pie Crust before you start baking to ensure that your pies have a perfect, flaky crust to sit on top of, too.

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  • Shikha @ Shikha la mode
    November 22, 2013

    A cannoli pie, wow! I’ve made a cannoli cake before but not a pie. This looks awesome!

  • Seth B
    November 26, 2016

    I know its after thanksgiving, but I made my first ever pumpkin pie for thanksgiving and it turned out great, so I’m excited to find and try out new recipes! These 5 sound amazing, especially that Cannoli pie!

    Thanks for posting! Cheers!

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