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Chef’n Buttercup Butter Maker

butterbasicsHomemade butter is something that everyone should make at least once. It only has one ingredient – heavy cream – and with a little bit of muscle, you can turn it into butter in just a few minutes. One of the first times that I made homemade butter I used a stand mixer and made a fairly large batch. Smaller batches are easier to make by hand and the Chef’n Buttercup Butter Maker makes it even easier. This tool is designed specifically to make butter making as easy as possible – and easy enough that you will want to make batch after batch.

The gadget looks like a jar, with instructions for butter making printed on the side. You add heavy cream to the container and let it come to room temperature, then vigorously shake it for a couple of minutes. You can strain off the liquid – buttermilk – with the built-in strainer (instead of using cheesecloth, which is more traditionally used) and then serve the butter right in the ramekin on the base of the container. It’s a nice all-in-one system that makes small-batch butter-making very easy.

When making homemade butter, start with the highest quality cream you can find. I usually start with an organic cream and try to find one that is not ultrapasteurized for the best flavor in my butter. I also like to add in some salt, but you can also add herbs and spices to create all kinds of flavored butters.

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