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Bites from other BlogsFrom s’mores to shortcake, there were a lot of delicious recipes posted on food blogs this week, so this week’s Bites from other Blogs offers a little bit of a grab bag of recipes – and there is something here for everyone.

  • S’mores lovers will definitely not be able to resist the Soft and Gooey Loaded Smores Bars from Averie Cooks. The bars have a blondie-like base that is loaded with all the elements that you would typically find in a s’more: graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallow. And it really is loaded – there are almost more s’more elements than batter to hold everything together! The result is gooey and something that is sure to satisfy anyone with a s’more craving.
  • Tutti Dulci put a twist on a classic cookie in these Brown Butter and Graham Snickerdoodles. The cookies are made with a combination of brown and white sugar and a mixture of all purpose and graham flours. The real secret weapon in these, however, is the browned butter that replaces regular butter you would usually find in a snickerdoodle. It adds a rich, nutty flavor that compliments the brown sugar, graham flour and the cinnamon-sugar that the cookies are rolled in. These simple changes add a lot of depth of flavor to what is usually a fairly plain cookie.
  • Mini pies are a wonderful way to enjoy pie without baking a huge dessert, but you may have to go purchase some mini pie pans to make them. Or, you can do what Dessert for Two did and use mason jar lids as makeshift mini pie pans in Mason Jar Lid Spiced Peach Pies. The jar lids are just the right size, inexpensive and easy to work with – especially if you only need to make two pies at a time. This recipe is scaled to make two single serving pies, each filled with fresh peach, ginger and cinnamon. You can use the same technique to make other mini pies, as well, such as apple, plum or berry!
  • When Cookie Madness puts her mind to making a “copycat” recipe, she won’t rest until it is as close as possible to the real thing. On a recent vacation to Disney World, she had a delicious looking strawberry shortcake at Epcot’s “The Land” restaurant, Sunshine Seasons. She snapped a picture and experimented until she made her own version of this Layered Strawberry Shortcake that looks exactly like the original photo – and captures the flavor and texture of it just about perfectly, too.
  • The Espresso Cheesecake Brownies that Annie’s Eats recently baked have three beautiful and delicious layers to them. The bars have a rich brownie base that is topped with a layer of espresso cheesecake. They’re finished with a lightly sweetened sour cream topping, which provides a contrast in both color and flavor to the rich and dark tones of the rest of the dessert.

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  • DessertForTwo
    August 28, 2013

    Thanks for the link, Nicole 🙂 You’re the best 🙂

  • Averie @ Averie Cooks
    August 29, 2013

    Thanks for linking to my Soft and Gooey Loaded Smores Bars! I love all these links you gave – most I have seen and am reminded how good it all looked!

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