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FrostingsEvery baker needs to have some good frosting recipes that they can whip up at any time to finish off a batch of cupcakes or a layer cake. Frostings, while they don’t often get the spotlight the way the cake recipes do, are a crucial component of a dessert because they add moisture, flavor and give just the right finishing touches to draw someone in and make them think “I want a piece of that cake!” The only problem with frosting is that it is easy to get into a frosting rut where you find yourself making the same vanilla buttercream over and over. The cookbook Frostings offers you a way out. This cookbook is dedicated purely to frosting and contains dozens of recipes that offer you an easy reference with a lot of variety so that you can finish your cakes as creatively as possible.

The book is divided into three different sections: Frostings, Ganaches and Glazes. The frosting section includes several types of basic buttercreams, as well as a wide variety of flavored frostings to choose from. The flavored frostings range from  Key Lime Pie to Cookies and Cream and give you some great options for almost any baking project. The ganaches are thick and decadent chocolate recipes that can be used as frostings or fillings and the glazes are lighter, but still full of flavor. The recipes are very easy to follow and all of them are illustrated with mouthwatering pictures and include tips for decorations or garnish.

You might find that you want some cake recipes to go with all these sweet frosting recipes, but as you bookmark the recipes that you want to try on your next cake or cupcake project, you’ll see that having an all-frosting reference is surprisingly useful. Most cookbooks put the frostings with the cakes – and that means that it can be hard to find a different frosting when you want some variety or want to bake a cake recipe that doesn’t already “come with” its own frosting.  These recipes are sure to give any baking project a very sweet, delicious finish.

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