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New England Hot Dog Bun Pan

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New England Hot Dog Bun Pan
Hot dogs are one of the easiest foods to grill during the summertime, and when you take into account how many different types of sausages there are out there – from classic beef hot dogs to wild game sausages to vegan dogs – the dinner options are just about endless. You can use any kind of toppings you want to finish off your dog, but you will always need a bun. I’ve made Homemade Hot Dog Buns before with great results, since they deliver a lot more flavor than many store bought buns and you can customize them so that they fit your hot dogs exactly. They do require a little bit of practice when it comes to shaping them, however, especially because I typically free-form my rolls without using a pan to give me a guideline on the size.

New England Hot Dog Bun Pan is a pan that can make things a little easier. The heavy duty pan is designed to help you shape up to 10 hot dog buns at a time. You make your dough (there is a recipe included, too) and divide it into 10 portions, setting each bun-sized piece into one of the pan’s 10 cavities. The dough rises up and bakes into rolls that can be split from the top. What makes this a “New England-style” pan is the fact that the buns come together on the sides, creating a look that is traditionally use for serving lobster rolls, rather than hot dogs. But the rolls are the perfect size and shape no matter what you fill them with, and they will be a great addition to any cookout.

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