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  • Chocolate lovers should seriously consider trying Pretty Little DishesChocolate Truffle Pie this summer. The rich pie features two different layers of chocolate – a truffle filling and a whipped chocolate mousse – topped off with light, fluffy whipped cream. The pie is especially good for the summer because it requires no baking and can be easily stored in the refrigerator, so you don’t need to worry about it melting before indulging in a slice.
  • Cherries are in season and there are all kinds of delicious treats that you can make with them. The Fresh Cherry Scones from Sweet Pea’s Kitchen are a good place to start if you want an alternative to a pie or cobbler. The cherries are actually rolled into a buttery scone dough – much like you would roll up a cinnamon bun – which not only ensures that you get cherries in every single bite of scone, but that the finished product has a stunning look. A little bit of glaze finishes these off with just the right amount of extra sweetness.
  • Cracker Jacks are sweet-salty caramel corn laden with toasted peanuts. They’re a classic ballpark food, although I know quite a few people who (as kids) liked them even more for the toy inside than the food alone! Cracker Jacks have an addictive quality about the and With Lovely captured it in this Cracker Jack Sauce. The rich caramel peanut butter sauce is made with both brown and white sugar, and it is enriched with crunchy peanut butter to capture the nut element of the treats that inspired it. It is a great way to top off creamy vanilla ice cream.
  • Danishes are breakfast pastries that use a buttery, laminated dough and are usually filled with something like fruit, cheese or chocolate. They can be a bit intimidating to make, although their flavors make them worth the effort. Wit and Vinegar baked a Cream Cheese and Blueberry Galette that captures the flavors of a cream cheese danish in a much easier to make – and less intimidating – package. The galette is filled with a lemon-kissed cream cheese filling that is dotted with fresh berries, which bakes up to be like a blueberry studded cheesecake inside of a buttery crust.
  • S’mores are one of my favorite summer treats and the Perfect S’more Cookies at Baked by Rachel seem like a wonderful way to enjoy them without needing to use a campfire. The soft cookies are loaded up with chocolate, graham crackers and mini marshmallows. Since the classic s’more is made with Hershey’s bars, as opposed to a dark chocolate, the chocolate in these cookies is in the form of mini Hershey’s kisses, which delivers just the right chocolate flavor to the s’more. Unlike regular s’mores, these will keep pretty well in your cookie jar for a few days so you can savor a batch after baking.

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  • Kia @ With Lovely,
    June 26, 2013

    Thanks for the link love and the excellent roundup!

  • gina & kristen
    June 30, 2013

    hi nichole – saw the traffic spike and wanted to stop in and thank you so much for the blog love! your ‘bites’ are like a top-5-must-haves for our taste buds!

    – gina & kristen

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