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  • Dulce de leche is a milk caramel that has a distinctive – and addictive – dairy flavor that can get your mouth watering. The caramel is easy to incorporate into other recipes, like these Dulce de Leche Cupcakes that The Growing Foodie recently baked. The cupcakes have dulce de leche in the batter and are topped with a decadent cream cheese and dulce de leche frosting. This frosting would be a good way to infuse a little extra caramel into other cakes, too.
  • The Chocolate Hog‘s Chocolate Mud Pie is the perfect cure for a chocolate craving. The pie has a chocolate crumb crust and is filled with a very rich chocolate filling and topped with ganache-like chocolate topping. Even the biggest chocoholics might need to serve this one in small slices because it delivers so much chocolate at once! To cut that richness, serve this pie with a dollop of very lightly sweetened whipped cream so you can get a little punch of vanilla in every bite.
  • This is going to be a great summer for strawberries, so it won’t hurt to start building up your collection of strawberry-centric recipes. The Little Epicurean showcased strawberries in this Strawberry Yogurt Mousse Cake, which compliments the fresh berries with several different layers of texture. The cake starts off with a thin layer of shortbread, followed by a layer of strawberry jam and a round of white cake. The mousse is made with yogurt, strawberry puree and whipping cream, and it is topped with a thin layer of strawberry gelatin that gives the cake a polished look.
  • Juicy, tart passionfruit are a wonderful fruit to work with because their tropical flavor is so potent and delicious. Chew Town‘s Passionfruit and Mint Panna Cotta use the fruit in two ways, as the delicate panna cottas are served in the shells of the passionfruits! The panna cottas are very creamy, with a base that is flavored with both passionfruit and a hint of mint. The custard is poured into the shells and allowed to set, then topped with a bit of fresh passionfruit pulp before serving to ensure that the delicate custard is a surprise when you slide your spoon on.

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  • Thanks for including my recipe 🙂 that frosting is to die for…I even put it on ice cream. SO GOOD!

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