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NordicWare Filled Pastry Press

NordicWare Filled Pastry Press
Hand pies and fruit turnovers are some of the most delicious treats that you can bake up and serve your family. They’re small, so each one can easily be a single serving, and they bake up a lot faster than full sized pies do. This very nifty looking Filled Pastry Press allows you to make these pastry treats faster and more easily than you can by hand. The press has two plates that come together, when pressed down firmly, to make eight crimped pastry pockets. Each of the pockets measures 2 1/2″ x 3 3/4″. It can be used with many different kinds of dough, depending on what you want to make, but a thinly rolled pie crust and puff pastry are easy options that will provide good crusts for most things you’ll want to bake.

In addition to sweet pies and turnovers, you can use this press to make all kinds of savory things, as well. For instance, it can be used as an empanada mold and filled with meat and beans. You can also make breakfast pockets by filling some pastry with eggs, sausage and cheese, then serving it with salsa. The options are just about endless and this is one of those things that makes the process seem so much easier that you’re a lot more likely to decide to put the effort into these little filled pastries.

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