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Wilton Valentine’s Day Cookie Pan Press

Wilton Valentine's Day Cookie Pan

Conversation Hearts are an iconic Valentine’s Day sweet, but you can turn any baked good into a Valentine’s Day treat by giving it a heart shape, whether you’re baking cookies or cakes.  Wilton’s Valentine’s Day Cookie Pan Press is a pan that allows you to bake twelve unique heart shaped cookie designs at a time, giving you easy and adorable treats to share with your loved ones. Unlike many other cookie pans, the selling point of this one is that each design is different. The designs are also complicated enough that you can either decorate them or not, and you’ll have good-looking cookies regardless. The pan is nonstick, so all of your cookies should pop out easily once the are baked.

Cookie pans like these are getting more and more popular every year as a low-maintenance alternative to using traditional cookie cutters. You don’t need to roll out your dough or worry about the cookies spreading too much and losing their shape. This also means that you can use any kind of cookie dough in a pan like this, not just the typical butter cookies that you find in cut-out cookies. They’re especially easy for kids to work with (and a help to parents who don’t always want to make a huge mess in the kitchen), too.

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