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  • Eggnog might be a popular holiday drink, but it doesn’t have to be limited to the holiday season. The custardy, nutmeg-enhanced custard can be just as good at any time of the year – particularly when it is made into Homemade Eggnog Ice Cream, which The Tiffin Box did, instead of being kept as a drink. The creamy ice cream is a great way to enjoy the flavor of eggnog in a new and somewhat refreshing way, although I suspect that you could drink the cooked custard base as actual eggnog instead of pouring it into an ice cream maker if you are looking for a rich new ‘nog recipe, too.
  • Spice breakfast up with a batch of the same Chai Gingerbread Pumpkin Waffles that Tea Tattler recently made. The waffles start with Bisquick – but another waffle base would work as well – to which real chai tea, cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg are added. To introduce the gingerbread element, molasses is also used to sweetened and deepen the flavor of the waffle batter, and pumpkin puree gives the waffles some body. You can only imagine how good these smell as they are toasting in a waffle iron. Fortunately, they’re easy to make so you only have to imagine until you pull the ingredients together yourself.
  • Another great waffle recipe comes in the form of BraveTart‘s Champagne Waffles, which are ideal for a special occasion. These waffles have champagne right in the batter and all of those bubbles contribute to a soft and exceptionally fluffy interior. Since you want as many bubbles as possible in your batter, you might want to make these waffles for dinner or brunch when you are serving champagne and can add it straight from a fresh, not leftover, bottle of bubbly. The finished waffles are crisp and delicate, so serve them with fruit and whipped cream, rather than a heavy maple syrup.
  • Cannoli are notoriously difficult treats to make, since the shells for them must be fried and it can be difficult to keep them crisp once they are filled. Culinary Cool gives you an alternative to the traditional rolled cannoli with Cannoli Cups. These mini tarts are made with wonton wrappers as a shell, molded in a mini muffin tin. The crisp shells – which keep their crispness longer than a fried alternative – are filled with a creamy ricotta mixture and topped with chocolate, to mimic the flavor of a traditional cannoli. They’re bite sized, easy to make and even easier to enjoy than the traditional version.

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