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Make your own crazy straw!

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Make your own bendy straw!A straw generally serves to help you get liquid from point A to point B with a minimum of fuss. The most basic straws are straight and the most widely used are designed to have a slight bend in the neck, which makes them slightly easier to drink from. The coolest straws are crazy straws, however. These straws have twists, turns, loops and other fun shapes that the liquid of a drink is forced to travel through on the way from A (your cup) to B (your mouth).

As a kid, I kept my eyes peeled for these in shops, as they just seemed like the coolest drink accessory available. I never had the opportunity to make my own, but I definitely would have wanted a Constructible Drinking Straw Kit if they had been available at the time. This set comes with a number of curved, angled and multi-directional rubber joints that will perfectly connect standard-sized straws into something much more impressive. You can even build your straw so that you can drink from multiple cups at the same time!

The set was designed by Frank Frisari and John McCoy and all the pieces are made of nontoxic materials. They are also all dishwasher safe, which gives this kit a big leg up over preshaped straws, which were either not dishwasher safe or just never seemed to get clean even after repeated cleanings.

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  • ashanti
    July 25, 2008

    hi i guess this might not be the right place to ask this question but i’m gonna ask it anyway. what is the equivalent measurement if you want to substitute sugar for honey in a recipe?

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