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  • Cheddar Sriracha Swirl Bread is definitely a different twist on your usual loaf of bread – or perhaps I should say that it’s a different swirl. The bread, which The Curvy Carrot baked, starts out as a lump of plain white bread dough. That dough is rolled out and spread with spicy, bright red sriracha sauce, then sprinkled generously with cheddar cheese before being rolled up into a tight loaf. The finished bread has a lovely swirl of color and a great – and surprisingly spicy – flavor. Use it to make sandwiches or spice up some grilled cheese!
  • Apple sauce can be a good compliment to a fall meal and also makes a useful addition in many baked goods. When I make it at home, I typically make it on the stovetop, which is what Sweet Pea’s Kitchen used to do until she tried Baked Applesauce. In this recipe, peeled apples are cut into slices and roasted in the oven until they are falling apart and tender enough to scoop up with a fork. A little sugar and cinnamon are added for flavor. Serve immediately, or pack it away in the fridge for snacking later.
  • Another apple recipe comes in the form of the Apple Baklava Amy Bites put together. The dessert has layers of flaky phyllo dough, just like a traditional baklava recipe, and those flaky layers are separated by more layers of a brown sugar and cinnamon sweetened nut mixture. There are also very thinly sliced pieces of apple stacked between the layers, giving the baklava the feeling of pumpkin pie. After baking, a spiced honey syrup is poured over everything to infuse it with moisture and sweetness. It is a bit more time consuming to make than a classic apple pie, but looks like it’s worth every bite.
  • There is no need to head to the nearest donut shop the next time you get a craving for some fried dough. You can simply try making a batch of Broma Bakery‘s Homemade Pumpkin Donuts. These are cake donuts, with a generous amount of pumpkin puree in the batter to keep them moist and fluffy. They’re finished with a smooth buttermilk glaze that adds sweetness, but also a little bit of a tang to the donuts. Eat one when it’s still warm from the fryer and you won’t regret staying home to cook instead of hitting the nearest donut shop.
  • Buttercake Bakery’s Marble Bundt Cake is one stunning bundt cake, partly because of the lovely curves of the pan it is baked in, but primarily for the swirling contrast of the black and white cake batters that go into it. The Food Librarian baked this bundt using a recipe that comes from a Los Angeles bakery in anticipation of National Bundt Cake day next month. The moist cake starts with a vanilla chocolate chip cake batter, and homemade chocolate syrup is added to a portion of it to create the chocolate batter. Pick a bundt pan with a design you like and be sure to grease and flour it well before using. Your design should come out bold and clean, so you won’t have to hid the swirls of this cake under any kind of frosting.

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