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Topsy Turvy Mad Dadder Cake Pans

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Mad Dadder Pans
Topsy turvy cakes are a very popular design theme, whether you’re designing a Mad Hatter-inspired birthday cake or want a wedding cake that stands out. These cakes are typically made by baking round cakes, then trimming and shaping them to get them to sit at the correct angles for the topsy turvy look. It’s a process that is best learned through trial and error – and even with a good tutorial, there are likely to be a few errors when you are first learning. Fat Daddio, a bakeware company, has introduced a cake pan set that takes all the work out of creating those topsy turvy cakes with their Mad Dadder Cake Pans. These pans allow you to bake layer after layer of topsy turvy cakes without worrying about angles or how the cakes will stack together. Each pan has the right angle to start with, and is supported by a metal brace that allows the cake pan to sit flat in the oven while baking. They come in both round and square designs, and in a variety of sizes (6”, 8”, 10” 12” and 14” sizes) for cakes of varying heights. They’re seamless and made of anodized aluminum.

These cake pans do stack together, but they also take up a fair amount of room and are unusual enough that they probably won’t replace your everyday cake pans. That said, they are absolutely brilliant to use if you are interested in making big party cakes, or make wedding cakes (for friends or professionally) and want to streamline the process.

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