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Cook’s Country rates Pie Servers

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Pie Servers
A good pie server can make or break your pie – literally. We have all had times when our picture perfect pie stopped looking so perfect when we tried to slide a server or knife underneath of a slice only to have it smush the crust and deform the pie. The filling can fall out of fruit pies if the server isn’t strong enough, and graham cracker crusts can crumble if a server is too stiff. Most of us make do with whatever pie server we have, but Cook’s Country recently reviewed pie servers (August/September 2012) to give you a heads up on which brands served pie the best in case you want to replace a less-than-perfect server with a new one.

Their top performer was the OXO Steel Pie Server. The server features a double-edge serrated blade that allows you to cut through pie crust easily without using a separate knife and offered a broad base that supported large slices of pie. Their other top rated pick was the Paderno Pie Knife, which did not have an offset handle, like most pie servers do, but had a very flexible blade that could slide under most slices. Runners up included the Victorinox Swiss Army Pie Knife, which had an overly narrow blade, and the Wilton Comfort Grip Cake and Pie Server, which had a great price point but also had a too-narrow blade. Last choice was the All-Clad Coo Serve Pie Server, which garnered a “not recommended” review. It had no sharp edges for slicing and was too stiff to slide under delicate crumb crusts without crusting them.

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