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  • Lemon and coconut are an excellent flavor combination, and a batch of Lemon Filled Coconut Cupcakes from Foodess is all you need to prove that point. The moist cupcakes are made with coconut milk and freshly toasted coconut. They’re hollowed out (the cone method for filling cupcakes will come in handy here) and filled with homemade lemon curd. As if that weren’t enough, they’re also topped off with a billowing cloud of 7-minute frosting and a sprinkle of toasted coconut.
  • Everyone has heard of a red velvet cake, but have you heard of a blue velvet cake? I Heart Chocolate Milk Blueberry Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting is one dramatic dessert. The cake is a bright blue color and is studded with fresh blueberries. Like its red cousin, this cake also has a hint of cocoa powder in it to give it some depth of flavor. The blueberries really pop, both in color and flavor – but the things that will really be popping if you try this recipe are the eyes of your guests, who will be very surprised to see such a vivid cake under unassuming white frosting.
  • Melting moments are a type of cookie that gets their name from the way that they seem to melt in your mouth when you bite into one. They’re a simple cookie, but they can be paired with all kinds of flavors to turn them into something special. As a fan of passionfruit, I definitely think that the Passionfruit Melting Moments from Un jeu d’enfants? are something special. These bite-sized cookie bites have the fruity, tangy flavor of passionfruit at their center, sandwiched between tender, buttery melting moment cookies.
  • The 7-up Biscuits that Sprinkled with Flour recently baked up have a secret ingredient: 7-Up Soda! The lemon lime soda (don’t use diet here) adds a hint of sweetness to the biscuits and seems to make them even fluffier than they would be if they had been made with milk or another liquid. They’re moist and tender, too, thanks to both shortening and sour cream in the biscuit mix. These are easy to whip up if you have some soda already on hand, and can be served with butter and jam for a breakfast treat or with a savory soup or chili at dinner.

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  • ahh, thanks for mentioning me and my cake! Love the site, and all the product reco’s. Will be visiting again!!

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