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Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs Cakelet Pan

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Snow White Cakelet Pan

Snow White is a classic children’s story and the original Disney movie is a favorite across generations. I have a feeling that the new Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs Cakelet Pan from Nordic Ware is likely to become a favorite with many people, too. The pan is one of the most detailed cakelet pans that I’ve seen, with the whole body of each of Disney’s seven dwarves and Snow White reflected in a magic mirror. The pan is heavy duty cast aluminum with a nonstick finish inside, for easy release of the cakelets. Each cakelet cavity holds up to 5 ounces of batter, which makes the finished cakes slightly larger than your standard cupcake.

To get the maximum amount of detail in your cakes with this pan, you’re going to want to grease and flour your pans before adding your batter. A denser cake batter, such as a pound cake, is going to give you more definition than an airy sponge cake will, and tapping the cake pan on the counter after filling it will help knock out any air bubble before baking.

The cakes will not necessarily need to be decorated to get the full effect of the Disney designs, but they can be frosted to give them a little bit of color and increase the “wow” factor of these Snow White characters. They’ll definitely impress at a birthday party over a batch of plain cupcakes!

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  • Claris Leigh
    May 24, 2012

    oh my goodness these are absolutely adorable! such a cute idea!

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