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Muffin Tin Chef

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Muffin Tin ChefMuffin tins get used most often for baking muffins and cupcakes, but they can actually be a surprisingly versatile piece of kitchen equipment and good for producing a lot more than just the occasional batch of muffins. The Muffin Tin Chef: 101 Savory Snacks, Adorable Appetizers, Enticing Entrees and Delicious Desserts is a cookbook that really gets in to this subject and gives you a huge variety of recipes that let you turn your muffin tins into multi-purpose pans. The book is a lot of fun to flip through because the recipes sound tasty and their small size makes them seem very approachable, simple to make. There are plenty of photos to illustrate the recipes, as well.

The book starts with an introduction to using muffin tins as bakeware, including a discussion about the pros and cons of using various types of muffin pans, from silicone to stoneware. And there are also plenty of tips for getting the best results from your pans, such as being sure to grease them or use parchment paper to ensure that your dishes slide out cleanly. The book is divided into several chapters and includes breakfasts, appetizers, main dishes, side dishes and desserts. The recipes have been carefully developed to work perfectly in muffin pans, so you’re not going to end up with too much or two little filling as long as you follow the recipe. The recipes are clearly written, easy to follow and – more importantly – sound delicious. There is a wide variety of different dishes (even though they’re all made in the same type of pan!) with an even wider variety of flavors, including vegetarian, meat and seafood dishes. In the dessert chapter, you’ll find a few cake, pie and cheesecake recipes, too.

One other advantage of baking in a muffin tin is that you get some built-in portion control for whatever you’re making, and that means you can cook, bake and eat from this cookbook without feeling guilty about creating a three course meal. This cookbook is one that you’ll get a lot of functionality from, from the potion control factor to the wide variety of recipes. Baking in a muffin tin isn’t going to replace regular baking dishes for everything, but it’s not just a gimmick either.

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  • What a clever topic for a cookbook!! For some reason I’ve always been fascinated with muffin tins.

  • Jolene
    May 30, 2012

    I often make muffin tin meals for my kids, but hadn’t thought I could make “adult” meals too! Must look into it!

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