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Chicago Metallic Gingerbread Man Pan

Chicago Metallic Gingerbread Man Pan
When I set out to make Gingerbread Men around the holidays, I have a set of cookie cutters that I use to help me get that classic gingerbread man shape into my cookie dough. Chicago Metallic is making things a little easier with their Gingerbread Man Pan. The nonstick pan bakes six large gingerbread men, streamlining the gingerbread man creation process by eliminating the need for a cookie cutter. The cavities of the pan are each 3/4-inch deep, so this pan can be used for cookie dough, brownie batter and even gingerbread cake batter to make a wide variety of gingerbread men. You’re guaranteed a uniform size for your treats and you won’t need to worry about your cookie dough spreading as it bakes and messing out the outlines of your men.

Since this pan only bakes 6 at a time, you’re going t need to work in batches to bake through a whole recipe for cookies. Be sure to allow to the pan to cool completely before refilling it, and if you do a whole lot of holiday entertaining, you might even want two. For me, the most important part (aside from the pan being nonstick, so you can get your men out) is that the gingerbread men you bake in this pan are large enough to decorate easily and add a lot of detail to,which is always the most fun part of baking a batch in the first place.

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  • Toni Obenshine
    December 28, 2011

    How do I order this pan and how much?

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