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Nordicware Cake Pop Pans

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Cake Pop Pan
Cake pops have been growing rapidly in popularity over the past year or two. Easy to make and fun to decorate, they deliver the flavor of a whole cupcake in just one bite. As they have become more popular, there have also been all kinds of products popping up to help make or decorate them. Cake pops are usually made by squishing together cake and frosting, then shaping the result into a ball, popping it onto a stick and decorating it. Nordicware’s new Cake Pop Pans put a spin on this basic cake pop format by allowing you to actually bake cake into round balls. The pan has two parts, each with half-dome cavities. The base of the pan is filled with cake batter and the top piece is locked into place before putting the whole thing in the oven. The top pan has a vent that allows steam to escape as the cake rises and fills up the rest of the spherical cavity. The interior of the pan is nonstick, so while it will help to grease your pan, all of the finished balls should come out easily.

Some people find regular cake pops to be too sweet because of the amount of frosting used to create them. This pan gives you a good alternative, and pretty much eliminates the need for frosting as a binder (although you could pipe some into the center for a cream-filled cake pop). The round cakes can also be served on their own, or rolled in butter and sugar to create a treat like mini donut holes.

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  • Domonique
    March 6, 2012

    Really like this alternative, less messy also 🙂


  • Jessica
    March 11, 2012

    Weird how that never occurred to me! I really need some of these – cake pops have just got even easier!
    Thanks xoxo.

  • Leona
    January 6, 2013

    I was skeptical, but this pan works great the fudge cake is perfect. I am looking for a non chocolate recipe for my friends who don’t like chocolate. How can that be?

    Super easy and so much better than the frosting ball cake pops!

  • pep
    February 16, 2013

    I just picked one up at Target for 3.00!! I was looking for frosting recipes some say the candy wafers some use chips Im curious which is best .. Im gonna make Gluten free ones for my sisters family they are all Celiacs .. fun!! Cant wait to use it !!

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