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Baking Gear for Football Fans

Football Themed Baking Gear

When you think of football and food, you probably think of grilling and tailgates – not of baking. But I can assure you that there is something for dessert at just about all of those tailgating parties and at-home football viewing parties, whether you’re watching a regular season game or the Super Bowl.

  • Football Baking Cups dress up muffins, cupcakes and single-serving portions of cornbread (delicious with game-day chili!). They don’t usually stock these at most grocery stores, but cake and craft stores always seem to have them in stock for sports fans looking for a simple way to add some flair to their baked goods.
  • This Football Cookie Cutter Set includes a helmet, jersey, pennant and – of course – a football. The cookie cutters will work with any butter cookie or other cookie dough that can be rolled out. Use food coloring to tint icing and pipe it onto the baked cookies to give them a splash of your team colors.
  • Silicone Football Cake Molds allow you to make 3D mini footballs out of cake or brownies. No decorations needed with these, anything baked in this pan will be perfect for a game-day party. You can also use the mold to make football-shaped ice cubes (though they’re better for punch than drinks, as they’re a bit bigger than your standard ice cube!).

  • A few Football Icing Decorations will turn any dessert into something sporty. It’s a simple touch, but effective, and while I like to make homemade footballs from melted chocolate to top off my football cakes when I can, the premade version is handy to have around!
  • These shaped Helmet Pans from Wilton have been around for a while, so they’re almost the standard when it comes to bakeware that will support your team. Break out the food coloring to dye your icing – homemade or store bought – in your team colors and try to match the logo from their helmets to your cake. If you have time, I recommend making one for each team and letting the fans in your house choose the team that they want to support – or the team they want to eat!

As far as homemade treats go, the cookie cutters are a good place to start. If you’re feeling a little more creative, you can cut a sheet cake into Homemade Football Cakes using a sharp knife or cookie cutter. It’s easy to do and a little more fun than just starting with store-bought decorations when you have the time. Glaze them with some chocolate frosting and pipe a line of stitches onto the top of each one, and you end up with some very delicious cakes that are perfect for celebrating a game.

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