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Mini Pies: Adorable and Delicious Recipes for Your Favorite Treats

Mini Pies: Adorable and Delicious Recipes for Your Favorite TreatsIn Mini Pies: Adorable and Delicious Recipes for Your Favorite Treats, pie lovers will find their favorite dessert transformed into a miniaturized version of itself. Mini pies pack in all the flavor of their full sized counterparts, but come in a single serving package. The pies in the book are all designed to bake in muffin tins, so you don’t need any special equipment to make or bake them. The cookbook is small – just like the pie recipes inside of it – so it is easy to make room for it even on an already crowded shelf of other cookbooks.

The book begins with a crash course in mini pie making. The authors explain how the crusts should be prepared, rolled out, cut and fit into the muffin tins to get the best results. There are eight different crust recipes, including a graham cracker crust, a vegan pie crust and even a savory cheddar cheese crust. Directions for baking the crusts with the fillings and for blind baking them are also included. These crusts form the basis for all of the recipes in the book, but they’re also a good jumping off point for any other pie you might be inspired to create once you have the mini pie technique down pat.

The recipes are divided into three sections: Fruit Pies, Creamy Custard Pies, and Nut & Savory Pies. All of the recipes are clearly written and look very approachable, even if you’ve never tried making a mini pie before. Each recipe makes a dozen little pies, enough for a crowd if you want to serve these as dessert after a big family dinner. Most of the recipes have photos with them, which not only gives you an idea of what the finished pie should look like, but also how to top them and style them so that they really look impressive (just like getting that perfect swirl of frosting on top of a cupcake). In fact, the last chapter in the book is all about toppings and gives you several ideas for flavored whipped creams and marshmallowy meringues that can finish off any pie with flair.

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