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Sip, Bite, Blog 2011 at Kendall Jackson Vineyards

Nicole in the Kendall Jackson Vineyards

I was fortunate enough to be invited to Kendall Jackson’s Sip, Bite, Blog event this year, since members of the outstanding Kendall Jackson team happen to be fans of Baking Bites. The event included about a dozen bloggers, and we all traveled to Sonoma, California for a long weekend of wine tasting and wine education.

Food and wine go hand-in-hand (even with dessert!) and it’s not often that there is an opportunity to learn what makes a  great pairing and why – and this was just part of the appeal of the event!

Kendall Jackson Wine Tasting

The Sonoma Valley is one of California’s most popular wine growing regions, and although it is certainly just as well known as the Napa Valley to those of us in California, it doesn’t have quite the name recognition that Napa generates outside of the state. Kendall Jackson is a family owned winery that owns property all over the state, but is headquartered in the Sonoma area. When I arrived at the Santa Rosa airport, I stopped by my hotel and then headed over to the Kendall Jackson Wine Center in Santa Rosa for the start of the event.

SBB was a three day long event, and although it is tempting for me to run through every bite of food that I ate and every single wine that I tasted, I’m just not going to do it. This is largely for the sake of readability, because with two (or more) tastings of multiple wines every day – some with food, some without – that is a lot of information to share. Instead, I’d like to simply review some of the highlights of the wine pairings, tastings, harvest tours, and the rest of the activities we had with head winemaker Randy Ullom and the rest of the Kendall Jackson team. I have posted even more photos on the Baking Bites facebook page, if you want to get some more details about the food I got to taste.

For the full details, head over to my post about the event at my travel site, Nic and Rob, for a mini wine education and more pictures than you can shake a bottle of wine at.

Kendall Jackson Harvest

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