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Baker’s Silicone Rolling Pin

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Baker's Silicone Rolling Pin
Wood rolling pins are what most bakers swear by, but there are other rolling pin options out there that can perform just as well and offer advantages that the classic rolling pins don’t. Marble rolling pins, for instance, can stay cool while you’re working, making it easier to handle pie crust and other buttery doughs. Silicone rolling pins, like this Baker’s Silicone Rolling Pin, offer a nonstick surface that makes it even quicker and easier to roll out pastry and cookie dough.

The Baker’s Silicone Rolling Pin has a stainless steel core that is wrapped in a layer of nonstick silicone. This model caught my eye initially because of its design: it is a cylinder with slightly tapered ends. This style of rolling pin is more versatile than rolling pins with separate handles on the sides because you’re not as limited by the size of the pin (which, in this case, is quite generous to begin with). This one also has measurements marked right on the surface, measuring out 5-12-inch circles in increments of one inch. This feature is very helpful because it means that you never have to guess while you’re rolling out pie crusts and can get the measurements right every time. The other advantage to this silicone rolling pin is dishwasher safe, which is something you definitely can’t say about wooden rolling pins, and that is a nice feature that will keep cleanup as easy as rolling out your pie crust.


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  • Maureen
    June 23, 2011

    There are some foodies who dislike silicone but I’m not one of them. I think I’d like to try this one. 🙂 I’ve added it to my wish list.

  • RPVN
    June 24, 2011

    Oh… this rolling pin sounds like a great idea. I do like it and I think it’s very helpful, especially when working with sticky dough. But don’t you think the silicone that covers the rolling pin will somehow slip out of the core? I should add this rolling pin to my “wish list” :). Thank you for sharing.

  • Kelly
    June 24, 2011

    My mom got me a silicone pin and mat a few years ago from QVC. It comes in a variety of colors and works great!! The mat also has ruler markings and rings to use as pie/pizza guides. Check it out: http://www.qvc.com/qic/qvcapp.aspx/view.2/app.detail/params.item.K6953.desc.SilPin-Silicone-Coated-20-Bakers-Pin-and-Rolling-Mat

  • Lauren
    November 17, 2011

    This is an amazing rolling pin! There is no silicone covering the pin that could slip out. It is all one piece. I HIGHLY recommend this. I purchased mine from Williams-Sonoma.

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