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  • Crisp, buttery toast generously sprinkled with cinnamon sugar was one of my favorite breakfast treats as a kid (and frankly, it still is!). That flavor combination isn’t just for breakfast anymore. Tracey’s Culinary Adventures made Cinnamon Toast Ice Cream with a recipe from Epicurious. The ice cream has a cinnamon toast-infused base and is finished off with bread cubes that have been toasted with brown sugar, butter and cinnamon to add even more flavor and a bit of a crunch.
  • Another ice cream recipe for Raspberry Swirled Chocolate Chunk Ice Cream comes from The Pastry Affair. This ice cream has an easy to make, no-cook base that comes together much faster – and with a much shorter chilling time – than a cooked custard base. The ice cream is frozen and bittersweet chocolate chunks are folded in with a homemade raspberry sauce, which gives the ice cream a lovely swirled look.
  • Icebox cakes are no-bake cakes that are great for the summertime because you don’t have to heat up your kitchen to enjoy them – and the slices are cold enough to be refreshing as well as indulgent. Fans of coconut cream pie might want to try their hand at Seven SpoonsCoconut Cream Icebox Cake, which she describes as being like a coconut cream pie without having to turn on the oven. The cake is made with layers of homemade coconut pastry cream, whipped cream, graham crackers and blackberry sauce, and is then left to rest in the freezer until all those flavors come together in one delicious finished product.
  • The Key Lime Pie Minis at Plum Pie are a great twist on a regular key lime pie. They are made with a coconut and graham cracker crust, which gives them a little more of an island flavor. They can be finished with one of two toppings: a rum-spiked whipped cream when you want to give them an “adult” finish or a lightly toasted meringue. Don’t forget to sprinkle a little extra coconut on top to finish these single-serving pies off.
  • Bundt cakes are great for so many occasions because they are easy to make and look beautiful right out of the pan. This is especially true if you use a Heritage Bundt Pan (my favorite), like Lick My Spoon did when baking this Lemon Bundt Cake. The cake is a simple, crowd-pleasing cake that uses just the right amount of lemon and lemon zest to give it a bright, citrusy flavor. Like most bundts, this one needs no frosting before being served at a casual family gathering or brought out studded with candles for a birthday.

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  • Tracey
    April 27, 2011

    Thanks for sharing my cinnamon toast ice cream!

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