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Wilton Doughnut Twist Pan

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Wilton Doughnut Twist Pan
Donuts are a delicious treat and, even though they’re deep fried, they are well worth working your your diet as an occasional indulgence. If you want to have donuts more often, you might have thought about adding a donut pan to your kitchen equipment. These pans allow you to bake donuts easily in the oven, not only giving you the option of having donuts any time, but of having healthier donuts, too. Donut pans work very well, though up until now they have only come in the classic donut shape. Wilton just introduced the Doughnut Twist Pan, a donut-baking pan that makes a half dozen twisty donuts in shapes just like you’ll see at the donut shop.

Donut shop twists are actually braided strands of dough. This pan allows you to cheat by simply pouring your batter into the nonstick pan and baking it. The pan does all the work of giving the donut its shape, leaving you with a tender cake donut that is ready to be iced, rolled in sugar or drizzled with glaze. Since these twists are solid, they are a great choice for filling with cream or jam. The best way to do this is either by using a pastry tip to pump the filling in (much like Twinkies are filled) or by slicing open the bottom of the donut, spreading in the filling and replacing the base.

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  • I will have to check out this pan. I think that these would sell really well at a bake sale, especially if I take your suggestion and fill them with a little something extra.

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