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Nordic Ware Covered Pie Pan

Covered Pie Pan

When you bake a pie to bring to a family dinner or a potluck, how to you carry it with you? I’ve done everything from covering the top of the pie with plastic wrap or aluminum foil to sticking the pie plate into a cake carrier. My favorite way to transport a pie is to leave it uncovered and hold it myself, or have someone hold it for me, so I know that the pie is safe while it travels. Another option comes in the form of a new pan from Nordic Ware, a Covered Pie Pan. The pie plate itself is a heavy duty aluminum that gives you a very sturdy base for your pies and ensures even browning. The neat thing about the plate is the plastic lid that comes with it, because it snaps into place on top of the pie in much the same way that a lid snaps onto a cake carrier. When in place, the lid makes the pie easy to transport. Perhaps even more importantly, it also helps keep the pie fresh when you’re just enjoying it at home.

The pie plate isn’t quite as decorative as some of the stoneware plates out there, which look beautiful when you set them on the table to serve, but the lid will seal the deal with many pie bakers on this pan for it’s overall convenience.

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