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  • I’m a fan of the restaurant Ad Hoc, and fortunately you can make many of their delicious recipes in your own kitchen, thanks to the cookbook, Ad Hoc at Home. Treats made Ad Hoc’s White Cupcakes with Vanilla Buttercream Frosting for an upcoming special occasion. The cupcakes are light and buttery, and unlike many other cupcakes, they’re actually good enough to eat unfrosted. The creamy vanilla buttercream is a good match for the cupcakes, but you can dress these up with chocolate or cream cheese frosting, too.
  • Towering layer cakes are fun to assemble and are even more fun to serve, as people tend to get a gleam of excitement in their eyes when presented with a big slice. Sweetapolita‘s Triple Lemon Blueberry Layer Cake might win you even more fans than your average layer cake because of all the delicious flavors inside. The layers are made of lemon cake that is packed with fresh blueberries and are held together with a generous amount of homemade lemon curd. The whole thing is wrapped in a zesty lemon frosting that you might just want to tint yellow to emphasize the lemon flavor, as well as to give the cake a nice, springtime look.
  • Sometimes, all you want is a big spoonful of something rich and chocolaty to satisfy a craving. Chocolate mousse – or, more specifically, a batch of the Espresso Chocolate Mousse that Flour Child whipped up – is just the thing to satisfy that type of craving. The mousse is made with bittersweet chocolate and has a bit of espresso powder mixed into it, giving it a little bit of a coffee kick and highlighting the darker notes of the chocolate. It’s rich, but light at the same time and is equally good when you’re making a batch to indulge yourself or bringing it out at the end of an elegant dinner party.
  • The Self Frosting Nutella Banana Cupcakes that 80 Breakfasts baked recently brought up lots of memories of a recipe for Self Frosting Nutella Cupcakes that I baked years ago. The original recipe was very popular, thanks to its ease of preparation and the inclusion of Nutella. This variation breathes new life into that old favorite, using a banana cupcake base that is a great flavor match for the Nutella. The bananas also mean that you can get away with serving these for breakfast, as well as for dessert!
  • Another great use for Nutella can be find in CosmoCookie‘s Chocolate Tart with Nutella, Raspberry Curd and Berries. This recipe starts with a buttery chocolate tart dough that is actually a great base for all kinds of recipes. The tart is assembled by spreading a layer of Nutella on top of the baked and cooled pastry crust, then adding a layer of raspberry curd (raspberry jam would also work well) on top of that, and topping the whole thing with fresh berries. The resulting tart looks amazing, and because the crust can be made in advance, this is the kind of dessert that is perfect for entertaining.

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  • Mel @ omgawesome.net
    February 23, 2011

    I need that lemon blueberry cake in my life, stat.

  • CosmoCookie
    February 25, 2011

    the blueberry lemon cake is GORGEOUS! i want a slice right now… thanks for the mention!

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