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  • Red velvet can come in many forms and Diamonds for Dessert‘s Red Velvet Shortbread Fireplaces are just one of them. These are cocoa-flavored shortbread cookies that get their deep red color from a bit of food coloring. To give them a distinctly winter theme, the cookies have been cut out into fireplace shapes and decorated – complete with flames and festive holiday garlands!
  • Salted caramels are always growing in popularity, as more and more people realize how a little bit of salt can make a big difference in an otherwise plain caramel. Sugar Pies didn’t stick with plain table salt to make a batch of Pink Himalayan Caramels. Himalayan salt is distinctive for its pink color and is generally sold as rock salt, needing to be ground down a bit to be used in cooking, although it is very easy to get generously sized pieces that will add a nice salty kick to a buttery caramel, as in this recipe.
  • When you roll out a pie crust, you are almost always going to have some leftover dough that you’re not sure what to do with, especially when there is quite a bit leftover. Crusty Cookies, which Poe in the Pantry made recently, start out as leftover pie crust that is then rolled in cinnamon and sugar and shaped into bite-sized pieces before being baked until crisp. The name is odd, but the flaky, buttery cookies are a treat – especially because they give you something to look forward to eating long before a pie is done.
  • Passion fruits are delicious and underutilized in many kitchens. If you happen to have a bounty of them at home, however, you’ll definitely want to try Use Real Butter‘s Passion Fruit Bars. These light and fruity bars really allow the sweet-tart, floral notes of the passionfruit to shine. They might just replace lemon bars as a must-make bake sale item. If you can, reserve a couple of the (edible) passionfruit seeds and add them back into the bars to visually emphasize the fact that they are passionfruit and give anyone eating them something to look forward to even before they take a bite.
  • If you’re throwing a party during awards season, you’ll definitely want to think about making a batch of Golden Globe Cupcakes, like those that Cupcake Project made. These cupcakes utilize popcorn flour in their topping and that is exactly what it sounds like: popped popcorn that has been ground into flour for a movie theater-taste. The popcorn cupcakes are garnished with bits of caramel corn and served in red and white popcorn containers to complete the effect.

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