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Bites from other BlogsThere are lots of fun Easter baking ideas out there because it is a holiday that revolves around bright colors, chocolates and seasonal fresh fruits. These recipes will get your holiday weekend started off right!

  • Stasty‘s Victoria Sponge Peeps are a tribute to those iconic marshmallow chicks that are so popular around Easter. The sponge cakes are tinged with yellow to mimic the classic color of the Peeps and cut out with a chick-shaped cookie cutter to give them just the right look. The sponge chucks are paired up and filled with whipped cream and strawberry jam, a perfectly light cake for a springtime snack!
  • Barbara Bakes‘s Easter Rocky Road Popcorn puts several Easter candies to good use. This salty sweet snack is loaded with pastel bunny-shaped marshmallows, malted chocolate mini Easter eggs and salted cashews. The popcorn is not only flavorful, but it had has a great combination of seasonal colors that make it look almost too pretty to eat – almost. This recipe might need a double batch if you’re serving a crowd, because it can be addictive!
  • Easter candies are often just as intricately decorated as “real” Easter eggs and these Malted Milk Speckled Egg Cookies from Ericka’s Sweet Tooth look almost too pretty to eat. The sugar cookies are made with malted milk powder to give them a deep, malty flavor, and are speckled with finely chopped chocolate. The cookies are frosted with robin’s egg blue toyal icing, which is also speckled with brown to give them a gorgeous finished look.
  • If you are up for a bit of a baking challenge this weekend and have a bit of patience, try your hand at La Receta de la Felicidad‘s Surprise Inside Easter Cookies. These slice and bake sugar cookies have a rainbow-colored Easter egg inside that is revealed after the log of cookie dough is sliced for baking! The egg is absolutely beautiful, but assembling the cookies will take a bit of practice, especially if you want to get that egg shape just right. Fortunately, even if your own egg is a bit off-center, the colorful cookies will still be delicious and you can always snack on the first batch as you work.
  • If you are a Cadbury Creme Egg fan, you can’t go wrong with any of these great ideas for putting them to good use in the kitchen that I shared at Community Table. From turning them into an indulgent coffee drink to baking them into a decadent cake, every one of these recipes will get your mouth watering and have you running to the store to stock up before the season is over!

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