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The Baking Bites Cookbook for the holidays

The Baking Bites Cookbook

It’s not always fun to stand in lines and debate over which sweater your great aunt, who never fails to send you a lovely gift, would prefer to get, but it is fun to exchange gifts with friends and family and enjoy the looks on their faces when they open something you know they’ll love. And if your loved ones are into cooking and baking, The Baking Bites Cookbook is the perfect present.

I published the cookbook last year and it is full of beautiful color photos and more than 50 delicious recipes that are easy to make  – recipes that aren’t available on the blog! – and that make use of ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen. It’s a great gift for anyone who loves to cook, whether you’re already a Baking Bites reader or not – although readers, you might want to put the book on your wish list if you’re not planning to order a copy yourself! Of course, if you don’t mind treating yourself to an early holiday present, you will find all kinds of desserts in the cookbook that will be well-received at any holiday event, and you’ll certainly get a lot of use out of the book this time of year.

The Baking Bites Cookbook is just $16.95 with free shipping (US only) if you order it directly from this site. If you order 2 or more copies, you can get them for just $15.95 each, also including US shipping!  On Amazon, the book is $19,95 but qualifies for free Super Saver shipping if you’re already ordering gifts from that site. International shipping and priority shipping are also available.

If you take the time to your orders in before the holiday rush hits the post office, you should be browsing through your very own copy of the cookbook in no time flat and able to add a few of the recipes to your holiday table!

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  • Kim
    November 12, 2010

    just ordered a copy! LOVE your site! Congrats on the book! Can’t wait to get it! … shoot, maybe I should do a giveaway of one on my site! hugs!

    hugs! Kim @ Party Frosting!

  • Linda
    November 12, 2010

    Win-win. One way to say thanks for all your great recipes and blogs AND get a cool new cookbook. Just ordered 2. Thanks for the reminder!!

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