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Scary Bones Sprinkles, reviewed

Scary Bones Sprinkles
This Halloween, I had every intention of doing some zombie-themed baking. I needed some decorations, though, and I thought that some edible bones would be just the thing I needed. In the past, I’ve used plastic skeletons to add some Halloween flair to desserts, but would always pull them off before serving. I was sure that I had seen candy bones before, but this year they were elusive and difficult for me to find. I finally tracked down these Scary Bones Sprinkles at my local Target and they were exactly what I was looking for. The bones are a good size, which makes them easy to place when decorating, have a glossy white finish and are embellished with random blood red spatters that give them a very creepy look. Unlike some other sprinkles I’ve used, these actually taste pretty good. They’re a lot like Spree (a sweet candy with a glossy coating and a compressed sugar interior) and, while crunchy, they are still easy enough to bite into that you won’t crack a tooth if you’ve used them for garnish.

I didn’t end up using these for a zombie themed dessert, but they do make a great addition to a batch of Dirt Cupcakes, and are perfect for spelling out Happy Halloween on top of a cake at a Halloween party. If you can’t find these, Wilton also makes bone-shaped sprinkles, which are a bit smaller and don’t have the blood detail, but make a nice stand in all the same.

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  • DessertForTwo
    October 28, 2010

    I found these at Target too and I’m using them to decorate my Halloween chocolate cake! They’re so cute!

    And you’re so right about them tasting like Sprees. We couldn’t quite place the familiar flavor.

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